Templemore Community Development Association

Who are we?
Templemore Community Development Association (TCDA) is a community group founded to promote, support and seek funding for local community projects. The Association was set up in 2016 following two well attended public meetings where people expressed an interest in volunteering as part of a group to fill the vacuum created following the dissolution of Templemore Town Council in 2014.

Our Action Plan

The TCDA in consultation with the Citizens of Templemore have created a 5y plan which will further assist and guide
the community over the next 5 years in developing the town and enhancing it as an attractive place to visit, work, live and do business in.

The primary focus of the plan is to provide a list of achievable actions which will serve to enhance and improve the town of Templemore and in the process contribute to the social cohesion, spirit and economic well-being of the community.

The 5 year plan can be viewed by clicking on this link. TCDA Templemore Community Action Plan 2019-2024 Final Version

What is our aim?
The aim of the Association is to:
Make Templemore and its environs a better place to live
Work closely with all relevant government bodies and support groups
Establish a good working relationship with all elected representatives
Encourage, harness and foster the energy of all those associated with the town of Templemore for the betterment of its inhabitants and to provide the future generations with a home to be proud of.
Since its formation TCDA has worked to establish credibility and influence with other community groups, local authorities and public representatives as well as statutory and voluntary bodies involved in supporting community development through providing expertise and/or funding. TCDA is a registered member of the Public Participation Network: PPN Tipperary.

How is the association structured?

The TCDA consists of a steering committee which meet monthly.

Chairperson:                 Tom Peters

Vice Chairperson:      Mick Connell

 Secretary:                      Sally Loughnane

Treasurer:                       Michael O’Brien

P.R.O.                                 Ronan Loughnane

Committee:                   Kevin Ludlow   

                                              Patricia Moloughney

                                              Declan Glynn         

                                              Breda Webster

                                              Myles McMorrow   

                                              Bridget Jones   

                                             Anne Loughnane

                                             Seamus Hartigan   

                                             Paul Walsh

The association also established the following sub-committees to support and manage emerging projects and initiatives.

Research and Funding.                                 Chair:  Michael Connell
Communications.                                            Chair:  Pat Hassey
Five Year Community Action Plan.       Chair:  Kevin Ludlow
Renewable Energy Group.                         Chair:  Patricia Moloughney

Projects and achievements

  • Our projects to date have been supported by Templemore /Thurles Municipality, Tipperary County Council in association with their Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and in co-operation with North Tipperary Leader Partnership (NTLP). The key to TCDA success  is working closely with, and supporting other community organisations in developing initiatives and securing funding.
  • Renovation and reconstruction of Templemore Town Park boundary wall on the Dunkerrin approach road in association with Templemore Tidy Towns. Total project cost of £42,423, 75% funding received through NTLP and LCDC.  Completed 2019.
  • Maintenance of Town Park Lake. Total project cost of £7,500 received through Templemore/Thurles Municipality.  Completed 2019.
  • Provision of Christmas lighting for Templemore in association with Templemore Traders Association and Templemore /Thurles Municipality. Total project cost of
    £43,000. Completed 2017.
  • Templemore Community Development Association Website: www.Templemore.ie developed in 2018.
  • Preparation of a 5 Year Community Action Plan for Templemore Town, to enhance the town as an attractive place to visit, work, live and do business in. Total project cost of £9,655, 90% funding received through NTLP and LCDC.  Completed 2019.

Wish to join the Association?
We wish to be inclusive and encourage anyone with an interest in making Templemore a better place to come on board. To do so contact any member of the association or email info@templemore.ie